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Using the Wiki

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You may remember the wiki from 23 Things On a Stick. It was designed as a "sandbox" for participants to see how easy a wiki is to edit. It did not have much (any) organization. There was a lot of action on that wiki!


This wiki is a better example of how to use a wiki for educational purposes. It is not open for public editing; only those who are invited can edit. Anyone can read the wiki, but you must have a PBWiki account and be given access to the wiki to comment. Once you have access you can comment on most, but not all, pages.


When you set up your PBWiki account, be sure you change the Notification schedule for wiki changes. Click account under your name in the upper right and go to Home tab. This lists all the wikis you are part of. If you don't change the schedule, you will get email every time someone changes the wiki. That could be a lot of email. 


You can request access to the wiki and it will be granted as quickly as possible. We will also try to add people as they register their blogs, but that is a slower process. You are better off requesting access if you want to comment immediately.


Participants will have access as Readers. Readers cannot make any modifications at all to a wiki. They can view pages, RSS feeds, and files. They can also see the history of changes that have been made to a page. By default, readers can make comments on a wiki, without being able to edit the wiki itself.



Request Access

To request access, click the link in the upper right of the page:


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