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Thing 43 Online TV and Video

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Thing 43. Online TV and Video

The Web makes a great TV or movie viewer. You are no longer tied to the what and when of network or cable schedules. Plus, the world of movies and video are now available, broadening our experience. Bollywood, anyone?




Did you miss an episode of your favorite network TV program? Gray's Anatomy? The Daily Show? 30 Rock? Do you want to watch a movie but your next Netflix movie hasn't arrived and you don't want to leave the house to search for a video store? Is there a big event you'd like to watch live, in real time, but you don't have access to a TV? If so, there are free online sources for all of these. What you need is a high-speed line (no dialup) for Internet access to view video from within your browser. Your computer monitor is your screen, but you may be able to connect your computer to your TV.  Hulu and Joost are two of the most popular sites that provide free video on demand. These include current television series, old (ancient) TV series, special programs such as National Geographic specials, full-length movies, and genre movies (Bollywood fans? Here is a source!)



The biggest advantage to online video is that you watch what you want to watch at a time that suits you. It's convenient, it's free, and it's on demand. If you're awake at 3am and wonder what happened on House this week, you can tune in, right then. If you have some down time and Internet access in an airport or hockey arena, you can watch full length movies, get recommendations from other viewers, put items in your queue. The biggest downside of online video is the addictive nature of it and the vast amount of time it can easily consume. Discipline is necessary if you're likely to be sucked into more viewing than you'd normally do. It does, however, free you from the tyranny of TV schedules or the requirement of having cable in order to watch the Colbert Report. 


You can personalize the site by creating an account that allows you to put items in a queue for future viewing, to see what other people are currently viewing, check lists of new additions and what is most popular, join groups with special interests or recommend items to others.   













         1. Explore Hulu or Joost (or both) to discover TV shows, music video, or other offerings that might be of interest to you.

   2. Begin by viewing something you have selected. 

   3. Create a login and set up a queue of items for viewing at a later date.

   4.  Recommend a video to a Friend, join a goup, or explore the add-ons to the website.


Blog Prompts

1. Did you discover something that interested you enough to watch? What was it and how did you feel about it?

2. Do you feel that having free on-demand access to TV shows and full-length feature movies will change your viewing behavior?

3. What do you think the impact of free Internet video entertainment will be on broadcast or cable TV?
4. What do you think the impact of free Internet video entertainment will have on your family?







For the Curious  (optional)

1. Embed a video in your blog


2. Recommend a video using Facebook Connect






Comments (1)

Floating Lush said

at 4:21 pm on Mar 20, 2009

You can also stream a lot of older and classic Bollywood (and even a few new releases) through Netflix. Provided you have a subscription, of course. I'll be sure to check out Hulu and Joost as well. :)

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