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Thing 36 Comic Relief-Generate Some Fun

Page history last edited by Ann WS 15 years, 4 months ago

Thing 36. Comic Relief: Generate Some Fun

A long cold winter with a lot of snow--what better time to explore some of the generators on the Web! 




Image Chef, the avatar creators, and the other generators in 23 Things On a Stick were among the most popular things people explored. Glancing through the original 23 Things blogs shows that almost everyone tried at least one of the generators. You can debate whether web-generators are useful or not. It is easy to spend a lot of time playing around with the generators. They don’t challenge our creativity; we are using someone else's idea. However, the generators do make our life easier and save time by making it easy to add interest to blogs, sites, & newsletters. Having a site generate the code to embed a feature is much easier and far faster than having to do it yourself.


The generators in this Thing vary. There are some useful ones--password or username generators & some silly ones--fairy or vampire name generators. Some can be useful or entertaining, depending on your view. As in the other Things, you have many choices of what you explore and how you use the "generated" results. In the Mashups Thing, we will look at some generators that work with photos.


Useful Generators

Email Icon Generator

Put in your blog or Web site and link to your email


Password Generators


Phonetic Passwords



PDF Generators


FreePDFConvert will convert from doc to pdf and word to pdf plus you can add button to blog for users to convert your blog to pdf



Read Posters

Big Huge Labs

BGPatterns generates background patterns

Tartan Maker


Newspaper Front Page

Dictionary Entry







Image Converters

Doc2pdf Image Converter 

Form Generator



Citation Generators

Son of Citation Machine





Classtools--Graphs, diagrams and more


Tag Cloud

Tag Cloud Generator





Timeline Creator



White Noise



Web 2.0 Site Name

Web 2.0 Name Generator


Signs & Labels

Tiny Tags


Acme Label Maker

Right click to save image or click on image as .gif file



Cornell Notetaking Sheets

Notepad Generator

Random Generator (integers, sequences, more...)

Printable Paper

Braille Generator

Bridge Hand Generator


Comic Strip Generators

Stripgenerator--Designed for blogs

Make Beliefs--For kids, but useful
Read Write Think--Kids again
Comeeko--Works with a series of your photos

Historic Tale Construction Kit--Middle Age Comic Strips

ToonDoo--Social cartooning--create, publish, share

ComicLife--Comes with Mac, available for Windows


Make a Movie

Text-to-Movie-If you can type, you can make a movie. Or something like a movie, anyway.


Silly Generators

Convert Your Name to a Dewey Number

Concert Tickets

Vinyl Record

Need an excuse?

Need a name for your novel or play--or an alias for yourself?


Very Silly Generator

lolcats Generator


Lists of Many More Generators


Technology Magazine

1000 Online Generators from MyOpera blog




You have lots of choices about what you do in this Thing. Hope you take time to try out several of the generators in the lists above--or any other generator you have found via the lists provided in the Learn section or in either of these blogs:

1. Go to ToonDoo or one of the other comic strip makers listed above.
2. Find a couple library-related comics you like.
3. Share the comic on your blog (don't forget the credit).
4. Create an account in one of the comic generators so you can make your own comic on a library topic or another topic.*

5. Share your creation on your blog or in the Ning. 
6. Explore at least three of the other generators and post your results in your blog.


* Don't worry--most of the comics on ToonDo, et. al. aren't that funny either. Yours will be better!


Blog Prompts


  1. Which of the generators seems most useful to you?
  2. How have you used generators in your library or elsewhere?
  3. How was your experience with the comic generating sites? Can you see any use for a library comic in your work?
  4. Have you found any other generators you would recommend?


For the Curious  (optional)

There are many sites that generate code for Web sites and blogs. You can explore some of this if you have knowledge of how to modify the HTML in your blog template. Here are tow that generate cod for pop-up windows. Doing a search on "code generator" will give you many options. Be sure to blog about anything your try.

Pop-up window code







Comments (11)

LeAnn Suchy said

at 2:26 pm on Jun 8, 2009

I got a trojan horse on my computer after clicking on some of the ones under the first section...I'm a bit nervous to try some of the others.

LeAnn Suchy said

at 11:52 am on Jun 8, 2009

I love it that you called the Euphemism Generator "useful." Awesome.

46thingslibrn said

at 3:24 pm on May 14, 2009

The ACME label maker site now doesn't seem to need the last "acme label maker" in the URL.

46thingslibrn said

at 1:36 pm on May 14, 2009

Why does my Firefox crash when I try some of the links?

Rachel Gray said

at 12:02 pm on May 8, 2009

A generator I love is http://lolwr.us/. It takes your twitter posts (or your friends!) and give you 6 random Flickr images to pair the tweet with.

Jenna Barenthsen said

at 4:11 pm on May 6, 2009

Immediately after clicking links and working on this thing several of our computers have gotten viruses... we aren't sure from what link however. Does anyone know what it was from so we don't continue to infect our computers?


Lydia Schultz said

at 8:31 am on May 1, 2009

When I tried to go to Tartan Maker page, my antivirus software went nuts. You may want to double check the site.

Michelle said

at 11:40 am on Apr 22, 2009

My husband found this site the other night - we howled when we tried the "older adult" and "apeman" generator...but it's not pc.....http://morph.cs.st-andrews.ac.uk/
- Michelle

Laura Miller said

at 10:55 am on Mar 24, 2009

The link for Acme Label Maker should be http://www.acme.com/labelmaker/

Linda Wadman said

at 5:43 am on Mar 17, 2009

scowrat@gmail.com said

at 7:57 pm on Feb 11, 2009

You may also want to explore this Cartoon Creation site for this Thing


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