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Thing 33 Travel 2 0

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Thing 33. Travel 2.0

Web 2.0 tools can make travel easier and more fun. Try these tools to plan your next trip.




Not to be left out of the 2.0 phenomenon, there is Travel 2.0.  According to Wikipedia

 "Travel 2.0 is a term that represents the extension and customization of the concept of Web 2.0 into a form that applies to the world’s largest industry: travel and tourism."  As with Web 2.0, the main theme of Travel 2.0 sites are the ability to not only find a flight, hotel, vacation, etc. but to also find out more information about the destination to which they are headed from other people who've been there.  In this Thing, you will be introduced to a number of Travel 2.0 sites which we've tried to categorize into major sections



Articles on the topic of Travel 2.0

Next Wave of Travel Sites feels like MySpace (article by George M. Lamb from the Christian Science Monitor)

What is Travel 2.0? (article by Susan Breslow Sardone, About.com)

Travel 2.0: Social Networking Takes a Useful Turn (article by David Grossman from USA Today)


Travel Blogs & Podcasts

This is just a small variety of the huge number of travel blogs available to give you a sampling of what is available.  If you have a favorite site not listed here, please blog about it!

Travel 2.0 Blog (blog by two travel industry professionals from Arizona & Oregon)

The Cranky Flier (former airline employee who describes himself as an "airline dork")

The Lost Girls (three 20-something New Yorkers on a "yearlong, round-the-world journey in search of adventure and inspiration)

My Kugelhopf (Combines food and travel; 2008 Weblog Award winner)

Notes from the Road (Travel writing site)

Tips from the T-List (collaboration of several travel industry bloggers)

Travelography (discusses travel and tourism related news, opinions, and more.)

The Window Seat (Travelocity's blog)


Review Sites

One of the highlights of Travel 2.0 is the move to customer reviews related to travel.  You can find reviews on all things travel, including hotels, resorts, and so on.  Here are a few sites to check out.


TripAdvisor (Owned by Expedia, probably on the most popular traveler review sites)

Travelpost.com (Affiliated with the popular Kayak travel site)

Igougo (Travel reviews and photos)

Gusto (Travel reviews and guides)

Virtual Tourist (Travel reviews, forums, and more)

Boo.com (tagline is "collective wisdom")

Sheraton's Share Your Story (travelers can share their stories right on this hotel chain's website)


Travel Journal sites

This is a little bit different category of Travel 2.0 where not only are customer reviews and travel guides posted, but these sites allow customers to create and post travel journals and photos.


Vcarious (post photos and journals about your trip)

My Life of Travel (create your own travel blog)

Mapness (online travel journal that interfaces with Google Maps)


Travel Mashups

Though many travel sites incorporate mashups into their sites (maps, blogs, etc.) these are some sites that are travel-related but have a narrow focus.


Green Routes (helps you find one-of-a-kind places to eat that includes green businesses in MN, IA, ND, and WI)

TubeJP (London Tube journey planner)

District Taxi Fare Estimator (Washington Post's cab fare estimator)

Wines and Times (allows you to plan your own winery tour anywhere in the U.S.)

Hotspotr (find Wi-Fi hotspots and cafes around the U.S.)

Fastfoodmaps.com (Find fast food restaurants in the U.S; also has a link to Starbucks locations in the U.S.)

Travel Mashups - Mashup Awards (award winning travel mashups)







  1. Visit at least one site from each of the categories above.

  2. Share your thoughts on your blog.


Blog Prompts


  1. Would any of these site be useful to your library?

  2. What was your favorite(s) site(s) and why?

  3. Did you find any new sites that you'd like to share?








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