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Thing 29 Google Tools

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Thing 29. Google Tools

Take advantage of some of the many tools Google offers for productivity and searching.




One of the things that makes Google so appealing—or worrying, depending on your opinion of large information companies—is the range of tools that are available if you have a Google account. We could have 23 Things All About Google! However, in this Thing, we limit the exploration to some of the more useful, non-search tools and some of the lesser-known features of the search tools. Other Google tools pop up in other Things where they make sense. Google Analytics is in Thing 25. Blogger’s Toolkit, for example. You can find all Google Tools here.




For this Thing’s activities, choose at least one item from each category and experiment using it. In the interests of space and user choice, each item has its own page on the wiki. There are brief descriptions of the services and links to the Google tutorials/info about the tool and when available, other links to reviews, blog posts, and other evaluative information. If available, similar tools or services from other sources are listed if Google is not your cup of tea for everything you do.


Search Tools

Alerts--Get email updates on any Google search term

Google News--One search retrieves aggregated list of headline news

SearchWiki--Customize Google search results

Web History--Track your Google use


GMail--a new kind of webmail, built on the idea that email can be more intuitive, efficient, and useful. 

Calendar--free online shareable calendar service.

Notebook--(extension download)--browse, clip, and organize information from across the web in a single online location that's accessible from any computer. Nevermind! Google discontinued support for this on January 15, 2008. This is a good reminder that Web 2.0 tools are in constant beta (testing) mode and may not advance or continue after a certain point or may change in other ways like becoming a fee-based service. The keyword here is "back-up"--be sure you can re-create your data if something happens to a tool. Note that if you have used Notebook in the past, you will still be able to access it; no new users can sign up.

Sites one click Web-site creation to collaborate & share info with family, friends, work, or groups.


Everyone should try this one--Goog-411. Put that right into your speed dial!


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Blog Prompts

Blog prompts are included in each Google service/tool page.




For the Curious  (optional)


Keep on working your way through these tools--and the new ones that have been introduced since this was written!

Here are some to look at:

Google Desktop (download)

Google Toolbar (download)

Google Health


Blog about your experience.





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Okey Dokey said

at 8:07 pm on Mar 11, 2009

I can't say the Google Health creeped me out. I can see where it would be handy to have this information all in one place. I start this kind of list once in awhile, then forget where I put it.

Kathy Lasley said

at 8:35 pm on Mar 7, 2009

Anyone else feel kinda creepy with the whole Google Health thing?

Diane Hopkins said

at 1:14 pm on Mar 7, 2009

23 Things about Google!!! I love it! That would be fabulous for the next "Things".

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