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More Things On a Stick Readings

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Finding the Time

Clay Shirkey is a writer, consultant, and teacher on new media and the Internet and an adjunct professor at New York University. His book Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations was widely reviewed and highly regarded.

His post Gin, Television, and Social Surplus summarizes the two part speech below. All three are worth watching/reading.

Part 1 video

Part 2 video



Blog Posts On Finding Time

  • A slide presentation (slides only) from First Person Narrative, an information professional with a background in law and health libraries.
  • David Lee King from Topeka and a well-known blogger/speaker on Library 2.0 offers his tips.
  • Librarian By Day, a Missouri librarian, offers some hints on how to find the time.
  • There is a discussion forum on the 23 Things On a Stick Ning about finding the time, too.
  • These two posts are connected: 



Do It Yourself Learning 


Creating a Web 2.0 Library 


If you haven't watched any of Michael Wesch's YouTube videos on the Internet and information literacy, it is worth your time. His latest is An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube. Others are here.


If you really want to go deeper, here are

100 Free Library 2.0 Tutorials and Webinars. 


And one last article:

What a relief!





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