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How Does More Things On a Stick Work

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If you participated in 23 Things On a Stick, you know how this works. We are following the same basic format. Here's a refresher:

  1. This is a self-paced online learning program. You are in charge of your learning--you set the timeline for doing and completing the Things, you decide how much time to spend on each, and let us know when you are done.
  2. Everyone must set-up a blog to record her/his progress. If you have your original blog, use that. Otherwise, you can set up a new one using Blogger or another blogging service.
  3. While we encourage people to find like-minded co-workers or others and work together on the Things, each person must have his/her own blog. No group blogs.
  4. You must register your blog to be considered an "official" participant and to be eligible for prizes. Please be complete and accurate when you register your email, blog name, and blog URL. We export this info, so no cross-checking is done; we rely on your accuracy! Register here.
  5. Each Thing will show you one or more Web tools. We put the tools in context so media specialists and librarians have some idea of why we think these are important enough to include here and so you have ideas on using them in your life. However, we rely on you to go deeper into the tools and suggest other ways to use them.
  6. You must blog about each of the Things. We have provided some prompts to get you thinking about each Thing, but don't let that limit your reflection on your experience with the Things.
  7. Since this is a learning community, we encourage you to read others' blogs and to comment on them. This was one of the most frequent requests from participants in Rounds 1 & 2--everyone wants feedback! So, try to find blogs that are interesting to you and comment on their posts. Let your co-workers and others know about your blog so they can find it and read it.
  8. We encourage you to join the 23 Things On a Stick Ning and to participate in the forums and activities there. This is a great way to let others know about you and your blog and to learn from each other.


Dates to Remember

Registration Begins                                January 20

Registration Ends                                   February 20

Finish by                                                May 20







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