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It's over! Thanks to all who participated and finished More Things On a Stick! We hope you enjoyed it. Watch for your completion prize by mid-July!

Stay tuned for what's next from the Minnesota Multitypes.


This wiki and the blog for the orignial 23 Things On a Stick will remain up indefinitely for your learning pleasure!

Feel free to finish on your own.


Are you ready for more fun and learning? More Things On a Stick is the 2009 version of the wildly popular 23 Things On a Stick program sponsored by the Minnesota Multitypes last year. More than 1600 library staff registered for 23 Things On a Stick and close to 500 finished all 23 Things.


This is a self-paced individual learning experience. You set the pace and determine your availability for time. However, many 23ers wished they had had more interaction with others doing the Things. We think that would be fun, too. So, ask around your library or region to find other 23ers and connect to do More Things On a Stick. 


More Things On a Stick will run from January 20, 2009 to May 20, 2009. Extended to June 20, 2009!*


Registration is open from January 20-February 20, 2009


*Anyone who is registered and finishes at least 10 Things by June 20 receives the completion prize. Finish all the Things and receive a bonus prize.


Are You Ready for More Things On a Stick?

Everyone who participated in Round 1 and/or Round 2 of the original 23 Things On a Stick is encouraged to join More Things On a Stick. To get ready, everyone should read the Get Ready for More Things On a Stick page to prepare. It includes hints about browsers, passwords, and more. The earlier you get started, the more time you have to finish the Things. This time, it is 23 Things plus the evaluation over 17 weeks.


You can do More Things On a Stick even if you did not start or complete 23 Things On a Stick. Read How Does More Things On a Stick Work and the FAQs before your start. Read the Get Ready Page and follow the hints there so you are ready to go on January 20.  While you are waiting for January 20 to arrive, read these articles on Library 2.0 and more. You can blog about them as you are waiting for Thing 24!






This statewide program is brought to you by Minnesota’s seven multicounty multitype library systems

(multitypes). The multitypes improve library services by promoting & facilitating cooperation among the academic, public, school library media centers, & special libraries within their regions. This program is part of the professional development that all of the multitypes provide for the library staff of their members.



Credit Where Credit Is Due

Learning 2.0-23 Things is a discovery learning program created by Helene Blowers, as adapted by California School Library Association and others. Content and style for 23 Things On a Stick have been borrowed and duplicated with permission, under a Creative Commons License


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